Karam Genius Camp

Karam Genius Camp is an introductory studio with an opportunity to learn and employ fundamental design and technical skills for future studios. At Karam House students are introduced to cutting edge technology with innovative and explorative ways to integrate it within their individual and collaborative projects.

Students will investigate the superpowers of the natural world and get inspired to design their own avatars, using the character of “Danbo” as a starting point. We will uncover fascinating futuristic thinking and utilize the creative process to design and bring to life our characters.

Throughout this studio, students will explore the power of hand and digital design (Sketching, Computer aided drafting, and 3D modeling), rapid prototyping tools (paper folding, laser cutting, and 3D printing), and micro electronics (Arduino). Finally, students will bring their projects to the virtual world, thus introducing them to the exciting world of Augmented reality and Virtual Reality experience.


Discover your passion, gain valuable skills, and turn your ideas into reality. Enroll today and let your creativity thrive!

+25 Hours

13-17 y.o.

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