Karam Studios is an innovative education program designed to foster leadership and community engagement through studio education. Developed in collaboration with NuVu Studio, our curriculum is project-based, immersing students aged 13 to 18 in a range of activities that enhance their skills in the sciences, engineering, programming, and more. The program operates across several locations, including our Karam Houses in Reyhanli and Istanbul, as well as in Hilal camps for displaced people from the Hatay earthquake of 2023. Here, students engage with advanced technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, and robotics, alongside learning critical skills in design and photography.

Our Goals

Pathway to Leaders

Our program is designed to build future leaders by enhancing their technical and soft skills through diverse and hands-on studio experiences.

Technical Skills

We equip students with essential technical skills through studio-based learning in 3D printing, laser cutting, microelectronics, and more. This hands-on approach ensures they are prepared to thrive in a technologically advanced world, fostering proficiency in tools critical for modern careers.

Innovation and Creativity

Our project-based learning model pushes beyond the confines of traditional education, engaging students in real-world problems and innovative projects that stimulate intellectual growth and creativity. Each studio session challenges students to think critically and develop innovative solutions, encouraging constant iteration and improvement.

Teamwork and Collaboration

By working collaboratively on projects in our studios, students develop essential teamwork skills. This studio environment mimics future professional settings, preparing students to effectively communicate and cooperate in diverse teams. It also emphasizes the importance of presenting ideas clearly and defending concepts with confidence.

Presentation Skills and Feedback Integration

In Karam Studios, students learn to articulate their ideas and defend their projects through structured presentation sessions. They receive constructive feedback, which is integral to the learning process, and are taught to use this feedback to refine and improve their projects continually.

Career and Educational Advancement

Our program is geared towards preparing students for higher education and careers in STEAM fields. Through a comprehensive curriculum that includes both technical skills and soft skills development such as presentation skills and feedback acceptance, we enhance students’ prospects in a competitive global job market.

Community Impact

Aligned with the Karam Foundation’s “10,000 Leaders” initiative, we encourage students to use their skills for the betterment of their communities. Our studios focus on creating practical solutions to local challenges, particularly in areas affected by crises, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership among students.

in Numbers

Since the start of Karam Studios in 2017, we’ve had:


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