Building a Better
Tomorrow, Today!


Karam Evi Derneği was founded in 2017 with a mission to support refugees build their new lives in Turkey and become positive contributors to society. Through our innovative approach to aid and programming, we help all members of the family with support tailored to the needs of each generation. We provide financial stipends on the condition that parents send their children back to school as well as awareness of life skills, a space for youth to create and innovate, one-on-one coaching, scholarships for college students, and much more. Our goal is to highlight the collective shared culture and values between refugees and the Turkish community and to encourage, support, and develop a generation that gives back to society.

We work to
create a community

that comes together to build a better future for everyone.

Karam Evi thanks our top funder and generous supporter, Karam Foundation. Without your support, our work would not be possible.

Our Team

Elin Hassoun

Design Fellow

Sofyan Elaştar

Scholars Program Associate

Firas Şaşa

Site Manager

Yunus Balseven

Public Relations Advisor

Samer Elmansur

Logistics Assistant

Vathek Ahdaly

IT Team Lead

Rashad Alramadan

Innovative Education Senior Mentor

Suliman Faour

Communication Manager Assistant

Mustafa Elhattab

Communication Assistant

Our impact in numbers

Can these be the exact numbers from 2019 annual report?


youth used our community space.


hours spent by youth sharing ideas and co-creating projects.


hours of coaching support given to youth


families supported with financial assistance and coaching resulting in:


scholarships provided.