Families Program started with the goal of ending child labor for Syrian refugees and allowing children to return back to school. And as the program grew, so did our ambition. We wanted families to become independent, and we wanted to help them on the path towards self-sufficiency. Families in the program know that their time with us is temporary, and if all goes well, they’ll reach a point where they no longer need us. That is our ultimate goal.

Through the Families Program, we build deep relationships with mothers, fathers, and children we help.

We gain a greater understanding of their circumstances, challenges, and the barriers preventing them from reaching self-sustainability. Because self-sustainability doesn’t just rely on the financials; it entails being mindful of mental, physical, overall well-being just as much. 

Standalone section

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of Syrian refugee families in Turkiye by providing them with holistic and individualized support while taking into account the social, cultural, medical, and economic contexts that they face.

We actively work towards building a community where all families in Turkiye are healthy and empowered to be proactive in building their own future.

We hope to put an end to child labor and child marriage and overcome the trauma of war and forced displacement while positively integrating into society and host communities.

What we do

Conditional Cash

Our team is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for all participating families. From the start, we evaluate each family’s needs and develop a customized support plan. Cash stipends are provided to allow the family to meet the basic & emergency costs of life while living in healthy, suitable conditions. This cash stipend also provides relief so that families can focus on building better futures for themselves, their children, and their communities.

Families receiving these stipends are well aware that they are conditional and have agreed to adhere to the guidelines. Under no circumstance are children allowed to work or sacrifice their education for financial reasons. Additionally, families agree to emphasize the importance of education over child marriage. We continue to work towards this with check-ins and by engaging families in awareness activities. Together, we work with the families to ensure all members —fathers, mothers, and children alike— are able to strive for futures they look forward to.


Families Program walks with the families on their individual path towards self-sufficiency. We know this path is filled with obstacles and surprises along the way, and we are here to help. Whether it’s a need to find better housing, tutoring for children, vocational training, medical referrals, mental health guidance, or other forms of support, our team is actively listening and ready to help families find their way.


Oftentimes, finding one’s place in a new country with a culture, laws, and policies different than one’s own can be a difficult process. That’s why we work to provide families with opportunities to learn more about Turkish culture, laws, rights, responsibilities, and procedures. Additionally, we organize activities and ice-breaker initiatives to offer families and Turkish community members the chance to meet, engage, and build lasting relations.

in Numbers


families reached financial stability.


families supported (158 men, 271 women, 457 boys, 481 girls), 108 of which were female-led households, 308 orphans.


children labor cases stopped.


girls aged 13-18 protected from child marriage cases.


children referred to Turkish language courses.


children referred to tutoring courses.

to enroll

If you or someone you know is a family in need or you are interested in learning more about the Families Program, please fill out this form. Additionally, you may contact us via email or Whatsapp.