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Karam Evi is a community innovation center designed for Syrian refugee youth in Reyhanli. It is a safe space where youth can grow with confidence, learn life-skills, and think critically. The curriculum at Karam Evi provides students with cutting-edge workshops including: Entrepreneurship, Technology, 3D Digital Design and Fabrication, Graphic Design, Journalism, and English and Turkish Courses. Karam Evi is an investment in Syria’s youth, providing inspiration, innovation, and technology to thousands of Syrian refugee kids to build a future for themselves.’

Many thanks to our donor Karam Foundation.

Youth aged 13 to 17 years old are eligible to join Karam Evi. This includes both Syrian refugees and local Turkish youth.

All programs at Karam Evi are free for participants, thanks to funding from various donors and partner organizations.

Yes, you can volunteer at Karam Evi, most likely during the summer. The availability of volunteer positions depends on the needs of the programs and the timing. Check the official website or contact Karam Evi directly for current volunteer opportunities.

You can apply to join Karam Evi by visiting their official website and filling out the application form.