At Karam Evi, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds to apply.


  • You are positive, and love bringing out the best in people.
  • You are an extrovert who loves working with a diverse team, and using great communication skills to contribute yourself
  • You are an innovator, who is excited to build a team that is passionate about having an impact on our community.
  • You are creative, who thinks outside the box when tackling big challenges.
  • You are organized, and focused on getting the details right.
  • You are a learner, who loves developing professionally and sharing new skills and insights


We are a Syrian-led organisation founded in 2007. We have been supporting Syrian communities in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and the US since 2011. We’ve developed various innovative education projects including community innovation centers (Karam House) for refugee teens in Turkey and a higher education scholarship program for refugee youth, as well as have sustainable development and smart aid projects to address the evolving obstacles that Syrians face.

We have built two Karam Houses, innovative workspaces for Syrian refugee teens, in Istanbul and Reyhanli, Turkey, which take on new innovative approaches to refugee education and learning. At Karam Houses, hundreds of Syrian refugee teens learn through access to cutting-edge technology (maker spaces, internet, computers), expert mentorship, and a sophisticated studio design-based curriculum to build their ideas and inspire their community.

We are on a mission to grow 10,000 Leaders by 2028.

About the Role

At the Karam Houses, hundreds of youth learn through access to technology and makerspaces, expert mentorship, and a sophisticated design-based curriculum developed by NuVuX that teaches youth how to build their ideas and their community. Karam’s Innovative Education (IE) hands-on studio curriculum is grounded in fundamental design skills and explores an extensive range of topics and disciplines. Within this model, students take projects from idea to finished prototype through an iterative process of research, diagramming, prototyping, critical feedback, and input from experts. As a Design Coach specialized in Technology, you will join a unique, highly skilled team of mentors based in Istanbul and Reyhanli in teaching studios at Karam House Reyhanli and virtually. You will have opportunities to expand your own knowledge and creativity through collaboration with students and staff on projects that result in real products. Our studios come in three concentrations:

Community Engaging with local entities and delivering direct impact.

Media Tackling global issues and rethinking information pathways.

Technology Pushing the boundaries across fields and disciplines.

Your role will be to engage collaboratively with the teaching team in the following:


  • Develop & teach studios in their relevant concentrations with the teaching team, including attending meetings, presenting studio pitches, creating the studio content, drafting  Purchase Requests, and coordinating with the program leads.
  • Lead workshops for team members in your concentration (Media)
  • Assist with the Makerspace maintenance
  • Work on self driven trainings to develop skills in different areas
  • Develop and teach capstone studios or open innovation workshops with the senior mentors
  • Support Senior mentors in capstone studios for seniors


  • Search for potential partnerships and develop unique studios, workshops or seminars.


  • Lead clubs for students to encourage them to pursue their interests outside of the studio environment

About You

This is a full time position with a duration of one year, and selected candidates may have the opportunity to apply for a longer term position after the completion of the one year contract.

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in a design or visual media field such as:
  • Graphic, UX/UI design
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality design, 3D design, worldbuilding
  • Photography, Illustration, Filmmaking or Video Editing
  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite (Ps, Ai, Id, Unity (or 3D modeling software equivalent), Figma
  • Strong graphic, writing and communication skills.
  • Turkish Citizen or Hatay issued Residency Permit.
  • Proficient in two of the following three languages: English, Arabic and Turkish