At Karam Evi, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

About Karam Evi Derneği:

We are a Syrian-led organisation founded in 2007. We have been supporting Syrian communities in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and the US since 2011. We’ve developed various innovative education projects including community innovation centers (Karam House) for refugee teens in Turkey and a higher education scholarship program for refugee youth, as well as have sustainable development and smart aid projects to address the evolving obstacles that Syrians face. We are on a mission to grow 10,000 Leaders by 2028.

About Karam Studios:

Karam Studios is an innovative education program based in Reyhanli/Istanbul running an innovative curriculum co-developed with NuVu Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Through the program, students participate in studios where they work on a variety of projects that help them acquire skills in the sciences, engineering, programming, fabrication, critical thinking, and teamwork. As a part of the process, students have to document their work through daily written and visual posts on the NuVu documentation platform ( and receive critical feedback on writings associated with their work. Technical skills learned through studios include 3D printing, laser cutting, microelectronics, robotics, and coding.

Job Overview:

Are you an architect, designer, engineer, or artist seeking to make a profound impact through your craft? We are looking for passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds—architects, industrial designers, product designers, interior designers, graphic designers, filmmakers, and engineers (computer, mechanical, mechatronics, electrical)—to join our team as Design Fellows. In this role, you will lead the design and execution of innovative educational studios and workshops, fostering a transformative learning environment for Syrian refugee teens. This is a unique opportunity to use your professional skills in a setting that encourages creative exploration and impactful teaching.



  • Design and deliver engaging studio content that incorporates advanced design techniques and the latest digital fabrication tools.
  • Conduct specialized workshops in your area of expertise, providing hands-on learning experiences in digital media, prototyping, and more.
  • Maintain and enhance our makerspace, ensuring it remains a top-tier facility for digital fabrication and design experimentation.
  • Pursue self-directed training to master new tools and techniques in design and fabrication, maintaining your edge as a leader in creative technology.
  • Collaborate with senior mentors to develop capstone projects and innovation workshops that challenge conventional approaches and inspire groundbreaking solutions.


  • Network with industry leaders and potential partners to expand our creative programming, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives into our curriculum.


  • Mentor students in extracurricular clubs, sparking interest in diverse design disciplines and supporting their creative pursuits.
  • Guide students through their educational journey, offering expert advice and support to help them fulfill their potential and meet program milestones.


  • Ideal for professionals with a background in design, digital fabrication, engineering (computer, mechanical, mechatronics, electrical), product design, architecture, interior design, graphic design, or filmmaking.
  • Demonstrated ability to teach and inspire in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Excellent organizational skills for managing studio spaces and leading project-based learning.
  • A passionate advocate for the arts and education, eager to engage with and uplift refugee communities through creative expression.
  • Strong graphics and communication skills
  • Turkish Citizen or Hatay/Istanbul issued Residency Permit.
  • Proficient in two of the following three languages: English, Arabic and Turkish

Why Join Us?

Karam Evi Derneği offers a unique platform to blend artistic expression with meaningful impact. Here, your creative skills will contribute directly to empowering young minds, fostering innovation, and building resilient communities. Our dynamic, supportive environment encourages continuous learning and professional growth, making it the perfect place for creative professionals to thrive.

This job opening is for multiple positions, including one in Istanbul and three in Reyhanlı.